Dream big, one step at a time. That is the motto we live by at Threads by Gram. I write these articles in the hope that one day a little girl will read this and think to herself, if she can do it, I can do it too! 

If I told you I knew I was going to own a business from a young age, you probably wouldn't believe me. I know, but it is true. Sometimes those silly electives in high school really do make you think outside of the box. I took two classes that changed my thinking, one was an architecture drafting class (I’ll save that story for another time) and one was an entrepreneur class. 

We learned how to write a business plan and I was completely fascinated with each step and ever since that class I knew someday I would run a business. My dream for Threads by Gram is to be able to have a team that loves to come to work and customers that trust and know they will get the best quality when they order from us. There is not enough of that in this world and if we can help make that happen we will. 

I didn’t go to school for business, so there is a lot to be learned and if there are three pieces of advice I would give to a young me having been in business for only two years it would be:

1. Read, read and read more. Getting perspective from others is extremely valuable. 
2. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. Good enough is better than you think. I promise. 
3. Focus on building relationships. A quick sale is just that. Think about the long game and caring about your customers. You will be happier and so will they. 

I believe there is room for everyone to reach their dreams, but you have to do the work and take one step at a time. You are going to hear a lot from me on our blog and know that I will always be honest and share as much knowledge as possible.

Until next time.


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